Collection: The New Originals

Founded in 2015 in Amsterdam, The New Originals stands for crafting performance apparel for creatives. Born from a close group of friends who started a blog about fashion, design, and music in 2011, it has evolved into a fully-fledged brand, known in Amsterdam's nightlife as TNO SoundSystem. Founders Rizky Lasahido, Maru Asmellash, and Eben Badu have created a platform that emphasizes creativity and 'thinking out of the box.' Their 9-Dots logo, symbolizing divergent and boundary-free thinking, reflects the brand's spirit. The New Originals, deeply embedded in Amsterdam's cultural landscape, is more than just clothing - it's an amalgamation of art, music, fashion, and nightlife. Experience the unique world of The New Originals at Throw Store in Hilversum